Old Man Emu 2.5" 36R Springs, 3/4" Shackles, 33's

Here is a shot of the Jeep with the new OME (Old Man Emu) springs on.

SPRINGS: OME 36R 2.5" rear springs all around
SHACKLES: VACJ5 3/4" lift
TIRES: 33x12.5
BODY LIFT: 0 (Stock Bushings)

If you had no plans of larger tires, and wanted to utilize the full potential of these springs you will need to trim your fenders, use TJ flares on the rear, and possible use 1" shackles (don't go larger than that...)

These springs FLEX like non other. Make sure you have your bumps tops sorted out or you WILL stuff right into your fenders / wheelwells.

These springs are ridiculously smooth on the highway as well.