JB Conversion Super Short vs Hack & Tap SYE

Some photos of JB conversions Super Short Slip Yoke Eliminator for Jeep NP231 compared to my existing Hack & Tap SYE

The Hack & tap used the existing tail housing minus the Slip joint and tail cone. An aluminum piece is bolted on the end that holds an oil seal. The factory main shaft is literally hacked (cut short) and tapped for a bolt to hold the flange adapter on. On mine, a flange adapter is used others might use a CV yoke.

The JB Conversion Super Short SYE is a brand new main shaft. It has a slightly different design than the 1993 that was factory on my NP231. The biggest difference is that eliminates the main sprocket cage bearings. The main sprocket simply rides on the shaft, like a TJ & newer NP231 factory shaft.

Attached photos show some side by side comparisons.