DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 2 - Crossovers

Some crossover photos from one of the DCM TimeFrame TF2000 speakers.

I'll be testing the components and attempt to diagram the crossover circuits.

Its a laid out a bit messier than I expected. The crossover board is glued to the bottom of the cabinet, so that will be fun removing...

Most of the resistors look rather cheap, and are 5% or 10%(!)

The capacitors don't appear swollen or leaking.

While playing these before I took the back cover off, the Mid drivers seemed pushed too hard and distorted well be fore the other drivers. On one speaker, the mids seemed to have uneven movement, one was driver hard, while the other didn't seem to move as much.

Now that I've had them opened up, I really hope rebuilding the crossovers can fix this problem and the over all muddled sound at and above mid volumes.