DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 1

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Local sale from someones garage. Paid 50$.
First thing I did was cut the 'sock' off. It was destroyed already.

Serial Numbers 443 and 442

60" tall
22" wide
15" deep

Driver Layout:
8" Woofer
- 6.5" Mid
- - 3/4" Tweeter
- 6.5" Mid
8" Woofer

Speaker #443 Drivers are
Woofers (both)
* 719639
* 4 ohm
* 23044

Mids (Both)
* 719641
* 22594
* 5 ohm

Vifa H25TG-07
Speaker #442 is the same except for the MIDs:
Top Mid:
* 719631
* 22594
* 5 ohm

Bottom Mid (This is the one with significantly more excursion than the others as the volume comes up):
* 719626
* 22594
* 5 ohm

3-way Transmission Line (esque? ish? More folded hornier-ish? I don't know.) Similar to the TF1000 I assume. More photos info after I open 'em up next week.

I've only got a few moments play on them, but so far I think the tweeters and mids are 'funky' I really need to open these up and check the crossover components. These are at least 25 years old. There is no way the capacitors are any good.

I thought I has some bass issues on my first listen. Turns out it was possibly a poor speakers connection, stupid receiver setup (factory reset it and set L&R to 'Large') and poor music choices.

After addressing all of the above, there was plenty of bass. It's not a sub-woofer home wrecker, but truly a decent amount of bass for well balanced musical enjoyment.

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A commenter on this page claims the highest serial number I've seen yet. (s/n 534 and 535) http://hificollector.blogspot.com/2009/02/speakers-dcm-timeframe-1000.ht...

Photos of the various drivers up close below.