Warn 8274 Deal of the Year

Got a Warn 8274. Two days to disassemble, clean, paint, re-assemble. Came out pretty good for $150.

Works good. Remote works, came with over 100 feet of 3/8 rope (wire) that looks perfect. Got a free mount for it. Just need to find a plate to bolt to the frame to attach the mounted winch.

Still need to update the rusty hardware, wire it up and re-spool spool the cable.


Rowdy Creek - Smith River, CA - Near Oregon Border on Coast

A recent excursion out Rowdy Creek east of Smith River, CA. Quite a bit to do out here, but nothing 'official'. Lots to explore though. Old mine shafts are everywhere, with some at ground level only recently filled in. I didn't take a lot of photos, this was probably only 1/4 of the mines we found, and we only covered a small portion of the area.

Shackle & Spring Angle Relation

Ultimately, the shackle and spring should should for a single line. But that's generally not going to happen perfectly, it's going to be more of a curve as the spring bend sharpens. Get as close as you can to having the shackle line up with the spring at full flex.

Zaph ZA5.2 Speakers

Some early photos of the TM surround speakers.
Some day I'll post pics of the MTMs, the Center and everything finished.

I LOVE these things. So clear and rich!

Parallel Speaker Wiring - Which Way?

This topic came up on diyaudio.com.

There was some confusion, so I made a pic. Logic would dictate in this scenario that there are theoretical differences due to signal path distance. Reality tells us the difference is so infinitesimally small at these short distances that there could be no measurable difference in audible frequencies.

One user brought up a valid point that separate leads to/from each driver to the crossover would make a future option of bi-amping much easier.

Old Man Emu 2.5" 36R Springs, 3/4" Shackles, 33's

Here is a shot of the Jeep with the new OME (Old Man Emu) springs on.

SPRINGS: OME 36R 2.5" rear springs all around
SHACKLES: VACJ5 3/4" lift
TIRES: 33x12.5
BODY LIFT: 0 (Stock Bushings)

If you had no plans of larger tires, and wanted to utilize the full potential of these springs you will need to trim your fenders, use TJ flares on the rear, and possible use 1" shackles (don't go larger than that...)

These springs FLEX like non other. Make sure you have your bumps tops sorted out or you WILL stuff right into your fenders / wheelwells.

Cheap Fix to Stop Shackle Anchor Noise

When you get tired of the noise, and the chipped paint from your shackles anchors on your bumpers use this easy fix. All you need is about 1 1/2" of heater hose with an ID matching the clevis pin on your anchors. BTW: You either have D-Rings, or Shackle Anchors. There is no such thing as D-ring Shackles!

Need More Flex!

Some poser shots in the backyard - testing out the front Spartan locker and trying to find the weak spot in my articulation. Can you say Stiff springs??