Fiat Spider Mystery Electrical Component

I found this sitting under my heater box. It looks like it was factory installed, but I can't seem tom find it on any wiring schematic.

Uh-Oh. What Did I do. A 1975 Fiat 124 Spider Followed Me Home.

1975 (on title anyways) Fiat 124 Spider.

Mostly complete...

Needs some attention, but it seems to be a good solid base to work from.

DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 4 - Cabinet Repair

Here is an empty TimeFrame TF2000 cabinet ready for some particle board repair.

I'll be reinforcing the lip around the front baffle and refinishing the top and bottom oak caps.

Once the structure is cleaned up and repaired, I'll glue down the new headliner material - a foam backed nylon.

It took about 3 hours to get to the photo 1.

Photo 2 is with new headliner glued on and drivers re-installed.

DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 3 - Crossover Diagrams

My attempts to diagram the crossovers.

DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 2 - Crossovers

Some crossover photos from one of the DCM TimeFrame TF2000 speakers.

I'll be testing the components and attempt to diagram the crossover circuits.

Its a laid out a bit messier than I expected. The crossover board is glued to the bottom of the cabinet, so that will be fun removing...

Most of the resistors look rather cheap, and are 5% or 10%(!)

The capacitors don't appear swollen or leaking.

DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 1

More Info and Discussion also on Audio Karma:

Local sale from someones garage. Paid 50$.
First thing I did was cut the 'sock' off. It was destroyed already.

Serial Numbers 443 and 442

60" tall
22" wide
15" deep

Driver Layout:
8" Woofer
- 6.5" Mid
- - 3/4" Tweeter
- 6.5" Mid
8" Woofer

Speaker #443 Drivers are
Woofers (both)
* 719639
* 4 ohm
* 23044

Mids (Both)
* 719641
* 22594
* 5 ohm

Vifa H25TG-07
Speaker #442 is the same except for the MIDs:
Top Mid:

4.0 Distributor Timing

4.0 Swap into YJ.
Distributor Timing Attempts.

Photo #1
Crank @ 0*

Photo #2
Distributor Housing Scribed just left of #1

Photo #3

Photo #4
Not far enough, right? FSM says trailing edge of rotor, this is dead center.

JB Conversion Super Short vs Hack & Tap SYE

Some photos of JB conversions Super Short Slip Yoke Eliminator for Jeep NP231 compared to my existing Hack & Tap SYE

The Hack & tap used the existing tail housing minus the Slip joint and tail cone. An aluminum piece is bolted on the end that holds an oil seal. The factory main shaft is literally hacked (cut short) and tapped for a bolt to hold the flange adapter on. On mine, a flange adapter is used others might use a CV yoke.