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...a steaming pile of web site. You'll find here some useless information about a variety of subjects you may or may not find interesting. For now I'll start with some Jeep info. By Jeep I mean YJ's, you know, real Jeeps. Yeah, that's right.

DCM TimeFrame TF-2000 Pictures

More photos of the DCM TimeFrame TF-2000

Zaph Za5.3 MTM - ZA5.3C - ZA5.2

These were built about 5 years ago.

Zaph Audio (

Left and rights are ZA5.3MTM, rear ported
Center is the ZA5.3c, front ported
Surrounds are ZA5.2 front ported

DCM TimeFrame TF-2000 Crossover - New Capacitors

I've replaced the old caps with Mundorf ECaps.
I really wanted to use better quality caps on these, but just could not justify spending the money.

First I cut out the old caps and twisted in the new capacitors.

Second I temporarily hooked up the crossover to the drivers and powered the system to ensure that each driver still had output.

Then I soldered the new caps in place and did another test run in the speaker.

I also want to upgrade the internal wire from the speaker terminals to the crossover.