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...a steaming pile of web site. You'll find here some useless information about a variety of subjects you may or may not find interesting. For now I'll start with some Jeep info. By Jeep I mean YJ's, you know, real Jeeps. Yeah, that's right.

DCM TimeFrame TF-2000 Pictures

More photos of the DCM TimeFrame TF-2000

Zaph Za5.3 MTM - ZA5.3C - ZA5.2

These were built about 5 years ago.

Zaph Audio (

Left and rights are ZA5.3MTM, rear ported
Center is the ZA5.3c, front ported
Surrounds are ZA5.2 front ported

DCM TimeFrame TF-2000 Crossover - New Capacitors

I've replaced the old caps with Mundorf ECaps.
I really wanted to use better quality caps on these, but just could not justify spending the money.

First I cut out the old caps and twisted in the new capacitors.

Second I temporarily hooked up the crossover to the drivers and powered the system to ensure that each driver still had output.

Then I soldered the new caps in place and did another test run in the speaker.

I also want to upgrade the internal wire from the speaker terminals to the crossover.

Fiat Spider Mystery Electrical Component

I found this sitting under my heater box. It looks like it was factory installed, but I can't seem tom find it on any wiring schematic.

Uh-Oh. What Did I do. A 1975 Fiat 124 Spider Followed Me Home.

1975 (on title anyways) Fiat 124 Spider.

Mostly complete...

Needs some attention, but it seems to be a good solid base to work from.

DCM TimeFrame TF2000 - Part 4 - Cabinet Repair

Here is an empty TimeFrame TF2000 cabinet ready for some particle board repair.

I'll be reinforcing the lip around the front baffle and refinishing the top and bottom oak caps.

Once the structure is cleaned up and repaired, I'll glue down the new headliner material - a foam backed nylon.

It took about 3 hours to get to the photo 1.

Photo 2 is with new headliner glued on and drivers re-installed.